Vision & Mission


To provide fast and economical design solutions to our clients for all their soil stabilization and reinforcement projects. Our designs are characterized by innovation while still maintaining high standards of safety for our local and international clients. This vision ensures the long term sustainability of the company.
To be one of the most advanced manufacturers of Geosynthetic products by offering a wide range of engineering solutions for our clients.


Our Values
Tengrid International Industry's strength is generated through the following core values:
Integrity - The company consistently demonstrates the highest ethical standards in all the employees' actions and are honest in our communications.
Respect - We value diversity, we respect, care and have dignity towards all employees and thus becomes a source of company's strength.
Customer Focus - We exceed customers' expectation for value and service that the company provides. We always builds and maintains customer relationships and ensure long-term satisfaction.
Innovation - Tengrid International constantly seeks innovative ways to improve our products and services and provide value to our customers. We strive for continuous learning by adapting existing knowledge, as well as through an extensive research and development program, with the full understanding that we learn from our failures as well as our successes.
By living with these values and all our actions, Tengrid International Industry will create a sustainable future for our company, workforce and our clients at the same manner.